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What is Advanced Autopublish Scheduler Addon ?

Advanced Autopublish Scheduler addon allows you to configure specific date and time for publishing your posts to social media. It also provides a flexible configuration to schedule automatic republishing of your posts to social media at specific time intervals. The automatic republishing can be configured to stop automatically on reaching a specific date or after republishing for a fixed number of times.

Bulk scheduling of posts without having to edit them individually, is another major of highlight of Advanced Autopublish Scheduler addon. This option allows you to filter your old posts or custom post types based on categories and publishing dates and schedule the publishing of the filtered results to social media in a single click.

Advanced Autopublish Scheduler Addon Features

  • Configure specific date and time for autopublishing of posts to social media
  • Configure automatic social media republishing time interval for posts
  • Configure automatic cancellation of auto republishing based on time or republish count
  • Bulk scheduling of posts filtered by post type, categories and publish dates
  • Premium - 4.1+
  • Premium Plus