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What is Affiliate Ads Addon ?

Affiliate ads is an addon for XYZ Admarket which allows your advertisers to advertise their products while paying only for real sales activity on their websites. Affiliate ads is the best advertising strategy for an advertiser since it ensures that they are paying only for real and genuine sales.

Publishers can browse all the affiliate ads from the marketplace and choose suitable ads for their website for promoting. They will be earning for each sales generated from their affiliate links.

Higher minimum rate can be configured for affiliate ads compared to PPC and CPM ads thereby ensuring that admin and publishers will not lose out on earnings.

Affiliate Ads Addon Features

Admin features
  • Configure minimum bid rate for affiliate ads
  • Configure conversion tracking time interval
  • Configure different publisher profit percentage for affiliate ads
  • Detailed affiliate ad statistics
Advertiser features
  • Create and manage affiliate ads
  • Create multiple banners for same ad
  • Affiliate ad statistics
Publisher features
  • Browse affiliate ads from marketplace and use suitable ad in their site
  • Can promote text links or suitable ad banner links in their site
  • Higher earnings from affiliate ad conversions
  • Affiliate earning statistics
  • Standard - 3.2+