XYZ Admarket

What is XYZ Admarket ?

XYZ Admarket is a simple and feature rich PHP + MySQL based script which provides you a platform to launch an advertiser-publisher network or adserver site like Google AdWords/AdSense, Bidvertiser, Media Net etc. It supports Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text and banner formats for advertisers as well as customizable text/banner ad display codes for publishers.

CPA, CPM, CPD, Affiliate Ads, Vast Video and HTML5 ads, Interstital Ads, E-Commerce Ads, Pop Ads, Native Ads Display, Referral System, Bitcoin Payments, Category and Site Target, Re-targeting are available as addon with the script.

How to benefit from XYZ Admarket ?

XYZ Admarket is a complete turnkey solution to make your own advertiser-publisher network or adserver online in no time.
Find below some of the major benefits of the XYZ Admarket script.

Earn money from your network

Connect advertisers with publishers (website owners) using XYZ Admarket and get a share of advertising cost as your commission. The higher the number of advertisers and publishers, the larger your earnings.

Earn money even without having advertisers

Problems finding advertisers for your network ?
No worries. Use 'Third Party HTML Ads' addon and make earnings. Resell ad display from third party networks to your publishers to generate revenue.

Earn money from each ad impression

Low click rates affecting your earnings?
Try the 'CPM Ads' addon. Monetize each ad impression on your network.

Earn Bitcoin (Ƀ) without mining

Facilitate ad display on bitcoin communities. Install Bitcoin Gateway addons to get Bitcoin (Ƀ) from advertisers.

Earn from conversions

Use the CPA addon and start earning from conversions like sales, subscriptions, installations, leads, etc. on your advertiser websites.

Earn from Pop traffic

Monetize the Pop traffic (Pop-up, Pop-under and New Tab Pop Ads) of your publishers using the 'Pop Ads' addon.

Earn from Video Ad display

Enable video ads in video playbacks on your publisher sites. Use 'VAST and HTML5 Video Ads' addon and start earning.

Earn from Sponsored Banners

Use the Cost Per Day (CPD) addon (also known as Sponsored Ads) and advertiser can display their ad in the selected publisher site for a time period.

Earn from Affiliate Sales

Using the affiliate ads addon, we can display the affiliate ads in publisher site and earn for original sales through the affiliate network.

Different Ad Display Formats

With the help of addons XYZ Admarket support Text Ads, Banner Ads, Text+Image Ads, Video Ads, HTML5 Ads, Interstitial Ads, Expandable Ads, Pop Ads, Native Ads, E-Commerce Ads.

Different Ad Targeting Options

Keyword, Category, Device, Time, OS, Browser, ISP, Browser Language, Country, City, Connection Type targeting and Re-targeting/Re-marketing are available with addons.

Efficient anti fraud mechanism

XYZ Admarket comes with highly efficient fraud tracking mechanisms which can detect,prevent as well as reverse all kinds of automated and invalid click attempts.

Addon Features

Power-up your xyz admarket using the below addons to gain a competitive edge.

Xyz Admarket Themes

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your xyz admarket with modern responsive themes.

XYZ Admarket Requirements

Operating System :

Linux or Windows

Web Server :

Apache or IIS

Scripting Language :

PHP 7.2

Database :

MySQL (5.x or higher versions)

Others :

To send mails from PHP, the mail() function must be enabled.

To automate certain tasks, you need access to Cron (Linux) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows).

Ioncube loader has to be enabled by your hosting company to install this product.

Support to mbstring (multi byte string)function,cURL,fopen and apache rewrite module.

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