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About Referral System Addon

Referral addon for XYZ Admarket allows you to run a referral program which can be used by your advertisers as well as publishers to promote your network using referral banners or referral text links and in turn generate revenue from the referrals sent to your system.

Your users can earn from both advertiser referrals and publisher referrals. Earnings are realised from advertiser referrals when the referred advertisers spends money in your network. Similarly earnings from publisher referrals are realised when the referred publishers generates revenue from your system.

Detailed reports are available for referral visits and referral earnings. Your users can either request withdrawal from referral balance or transfer the same to his own advertiser account.

Admin has control on enabling or disabling advertiser referral and publisher referral individually or simultaneously. Different rates can be configured for advertiser referral and publisher referral from admin panel. Admin can also manage referral banners to be used for promotion.

Referral System Addon Features

Admin features
  • Enable/disable advertiser referral
  • Enable/disable publisher referral
  • Configure different rates for advertiser referral and publisher referral
  • Manage referral banners
  • View and manage referral earning withdrawals
  • View reports of referral visits and earnings
User features
  • Generate revenue by promoting your admarket
  • Referral earnings can be withdrawn or transferred to own advertiser account.
  • View reports of referral visits and earnings
  • Standard - 3.2+