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What is Sponsored Ads Addon ?

Sponsored ads also known as cost per day (CPD) is an addon for XYZ Admarket which allows your publishers to sell specific ad positions on their sites for a fixed price per day. Advertisers can browse publisher sites and positions and prepay for a fixed period to show their ads in desired ad positions.

Sponsored Ads Addon Features

Admin features
  • Configure separate publisher profit percentage for sponsored ads
  • Configure javascript timeout before counting sponsored ad impression
  • Enable/disable recurring payments for sponsored ads using Paypal subscription
Advertiser features
  • Browse sites and positions in site directory
  • Buy desired positions on desired websites
  • Sponsored ad statistics
Publisher features
  • Define sponsored positions and packages for different time periods
  • Sponsored position earning statistics

Sponsored Ads Addon Requirements

Sponsored ads require that publishers should submit their websites for approval and define specific positions upon approval. In order to support site submission and display site directory, you will need to purchase Category Targeting addon for XYZ Admarket.
  • Standard - 3.2+