Interstitial Ads

What is Interstitial Ads Addon ?

Interstitial Ads addon for XYZ Admarket allows you to display banners on a webpage inside a full page lightbox overlay thereby ensuring improved visibility. Interstitial ads can be closed automatically based on timeout or manually using a "Skip" button. These ads can be served on CPC, CPM, CPA or CPD pricing models (if corresponding addons are installed).

Interstitial Ads Addon Features

Admin features
  • Interstitial ad impression capping settings
  • Configure automatic skip settings
  • "Skip" button configurations
  • Detailed interstitial ad statistics
Advertiser features
  • Create and manage interstitial ad banners
  • Interstitial ad display statistics
Publisher features
  • Display interstitial ads without taking up space in site content
  • Earn from interstitial ad display
  • Interstitial ad display earning statistics
  • Standard - 3.0+