Expandable Banner Ads

What is Expandable Banner Ads Addon ?

Expandable Banner Ads addon for XYZ Admarket allows your advertisers to upload a larger banner along with a regular banner ad. The larger banner is displayed using a scaling animation when clicked or hovered over the regular banner ad display.

The dimensions of expandable banner corresponding to each regular banner can be configured as required. Expandable ads support CPC, CPM, CPA and Sponsored pricing models subject to availability of respective addons.

Expandable Banner Ads Addon Features

  • Admin can enable/disable expandable support for specific banner sizes
  • Admin can configure expandable dimensions and file sizes for each regular banner
  • Option to trigger expandable banner on click or mouseover
  • Option to configure scaling animation style
  • Supports CPC, CPM, CPA, CPD pricing models
  • Standard - 4.0.1+