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What is CPM Ads Addon ?

CPM stands for "cost per 1000 impressions". CPM ads addon for XYZ Admarket allows your advertisers to run ads by setting price for thousand impressions. And for your publishers, CPM addon allows to earn revenue from ad impressions on their web pages.

Unlike CPC/PPC ads, advertisers will have to prepay from their account balance for CPM ads. However an advertiser can cancel a CPM ad anytime during the period of display; upon cancellation, the balance available in the prepaid amount shall be credited back to the advertiser account balance.

CPM Ads Addon Features

Admin features
  • Configure minimum CPM rate
  • Configure different publisher profit percentage for CPM ads
  • CPM impression capping settings
  • Configure javascript timeout before counting CPM ad impression
  • Detailed CPM statistics
Advertiser features
  • Create and manage CPM ads
  • CPM ad statistics
Publisher features
  • Earn from ad impressions
  • CPM earning statistics
  • Standard - 3.2+