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What is Third Party HTML Ads Addon ?

Third Party HTML Ads addon for XYZ Admarket allows you to create ads using html/javascript tags obtained from 3rd party ad networks. These ads will be served in the network on CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) basis. You can configure payout CPM rates for your publishers.

You may make ads using any third party network adcode. The third party networks may be paying you on CPM or CPC (PPC) basis. You just need to configure a CPM rate lower than what you receive from the third party, for paying to your publishers. For networks which pay you in CPC (PPC), you may use eCPM to determine payout rates for your publishers.

Third Party HTML Ads Addon Features

Admin features
  • Go live even without advertisers
  • Make CPM ads using third party ad codes
  • Third party ad impression capping settings
  • Configure javascript timeout for counting third party ad impression
  • Detailed third party ad statistics
Publisher features
  • Earn from ad impressions
  • CPM earning statistics
  • Standard - 3.2+