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XYZ Pets Classifieds Features

XYZ Pets Classifieds is a feature-rich pets classifieds script which includes all you need to create and run an pets classifieds website. The complete feature list of the software is given below:

Customizable categories

Create any number of categories

Different levels of subcategories

Icon image for top level categories

Configurable Custom Fields

Unlimited custom fields

Different fields for different categories

Supports textfield, numeric field, textarea, dropdown, checkbox and datepicker

Define custom field groups

Unlimited listings

Post unlimited listings

Free and premium listings

Image gallery for listings

Display based on publish/update time

Option to save favourite items

Paid and Premium listings

Enable free only, paid only , free and paid mode for listings

Set max number of free listings per user in free + paid listing mode

Highlighted premium listing configurations

Make multiple premium listing plans with discount options

Home page listing configurations

Category based pricing for paid and premium listings

Free and Paid Memberships

Enable/disable paid memberships

Multiple paid membership plans

Enable guest user accounts

Category specific restrictions for free members

Geographic details

Enable multi-country support

Preloaded city list for all countries

Option to add, edit, delete more cities/regions

Subdomains with city names

Site Configurations

Configurable system name

Upload logo from admin panel

Customizable listing settings

Paypal payment settings

Email settings

Format settings

Configurable email templates

Advanced Reports

User statistics

Item statistics

Payment statistics

More Features

Spam control using recaptcha

SEO pages and urls

User friendly, easy to use interface

No limits on categories or items

Lifetime license

No monthly fees

99% open source code

No "powered by" links

Runs on YOUR web server

One minute install

Simple configuration files

Easy user guide

ONE YEAR FREE Updates and Support