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What is MultiVendor eCommerce Marketplace Addon ?

Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace Addon for XYZ Shopping Cart converts your online store to a fully fledged e-commerce marketplace by allowing users to register as sellers and sell their products though your website. This addon allows your vendors to sell exclusive as well as non-exclusive products through your site. Vendors can create their products individually or in bulk. While uploading the inventory vendors can also create custom shipping classes, define custom values for product variants and create custom brands if required.

Vendors can view and manage orders and shipments from their control panel. They can also respond to return requests and cancellation requests from their control panel. Vendors also have an inbuilt 2-way messaging system to communicate with their buyers.

Buyers who purchase from vendors have an option to claim guarantee likewise the A to Z guarantee provided by Amazon. If a seller rejects a request for return or cancellation and if the buyer is not satisfied, he can go for this claim option, for which admin can directly take corrective action if required.

Vendors can also view buyer feedbacks in their control panel. They can also view their performance matrix which is a fully automated quality control system determined based different attributes such as buyer rating, buyer feedback and return to sale ratio. Vendors who do not meet minimum levels of this matrix shall be notified and suspended automatically if they do not improve within a configured time period.

Vendors can configure their preferred payout modes from their panel. They can also set their store information, terms and conditions as well different policies from their control panel.

Payment to a vendor for each sale is automatically calculated by the system and the withdrawal requests are also automatically generated by system upon meeting minimum payout criteria.

MultiVendor eCommerce Marketplace Addon Features

Admin features
  • Multiple sellers
  • Category based commission
  • Override commission for specific users
  • Option to set subdomain for seller area
  • Configure minimum values for vendor performance matrix
Seller features
  • Sell exclusive or non exclusive products
  • Add products individually or in bulk
  • Create custom shipping classes
  • Define custom values for product variants
  • Create custom brands
  • Manage orders
  • Manage returns
  • Manage cancellations
  • Messaging system for buyer communication
  • View feedbacks
  • View sales graphs
  • View performance matrix
  • Set preferred payout modes
  • Configure store information
  • Configure policies
Other features
  • Automated seller performance monitoring
  • Guarantee claim for buyers if seller response is negative
  • Automated seller payment calculation
  • Automated seller withdrawal generation
  • Standard
  • Ultimate - 1.0+