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   Automatically Publish to Facebook from Wordpress with Facebook Auto Publish Plugin -

Facebook Auto Publish Testimonials

   Facebook Auto Publish is a simple and efficient Wordpress plugin which lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to your Facebook pages and profile. The plugin supports multiple filtering options such as filtering posts by post-types and categories. It also provides different posting methods to suit your needs. - XYZScripts Team

We are really happy to have found such a great Wordpress plugin that is simple to use and is completely free. Facebook Auto Publish is definitely making our job easier. Warmly recommended! - VS (

Facebook Auto Publish is an amazing tool to keep your Facebook page up-to-date with no extra work. Instead of logging in to a bunch of different accounts everything is now being published automatically - all thanks to XYZScripts!
Hendrik Svard

Until we got the Facebook Auto Publish we had to spend so much time just to publish the same content at various places. Now we have an automatic system that is super-easy to use. Thank you Team-XYZScripts!