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What is "More Custom Fields Addon" for XYZ Newsletter Manager Wordpress plugin ?

Email campaigns, unless personalised sufficiently, are proven to be less effective than highly personalised campaigns. The more information you have about your subscribers, the more personalisation can be applied. This is where More Custom Fields Addon for XYZ Newsletter Manager Wordpress plugin can be put into action.

More Custom Fields Addon for Newsletter Manager lets you collect more information about your subscribers. You may collect information from your subscribers using textarea, checkbox, radio button and multi select form fields. The information collected so can be used for personalising your campaigns to a greater extent.

More Custom Fields Addon Features

  • Text area fields to collect large text data
  • Check boxes and Multi-select form fields to select multiple items from a list of choices
  • Radio button list of choices to select one out of many choices
  • Higher level of email campaign personalisation
  • Premium - 1.3.4+