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Social Media Auto Publish Testimonials

   Social Media Auto Publish is a simple and efficient Wordpress plugin which lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The plugin supports multiple filtering options such as filtering posts by post-types and categories. It also provides different posting methods to suit your needs. - XYZScripts Team

This script is extremely helpful for dynamically populating content parts in WordPress. Support is responsive and professional, and I hope they continue to grow and thrive.
Bitcoin Casino Wiz

XYZ Script plugin is one of a kind solution for posting on social media. We use it regularly for posting crypto casino news and bonuses on our social media channels.
Hans van Leuven

Best WordPress plugin I paid for ever! Saves me hours of work!
Game Rules Team

We are very happy that we found this tool that makes our lives much easier. Since we started using Social Media Auto Publish we have been able to free up so much time that we can now spend on growing the website. This plugin is a must-have!

Good product and service. It automatically re-publish your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkeDin, Tumblr, and it's very easy to setup, just follow the tutorials and you will be all set, if you really don't know what to do, just send them the emails, and they will reply you ASAP. Thank you.
Jennifer Wright

The Social Media Auto Publish plugin helps us syndicate our content on the major social media platforms at the click of a button. We recommend this tool for any online publishing website.

There are not enough words to describe the efficiency of XYZ Scripts. The quality of the Auto Publish for Social Media is outstanding. Since our team started using it, all our work has been speed up. XYZ plugins are really of another class and we can just recommend it to anyone!
Plinio Araujo

Social Media Auto Publish is one of the best plugin for social media marketing . I can generate a lot of content on my website casino legal. Thank you for a great work!

Social media is an integral part of any business these days. Social Media Auto Publish plugin allows websites to accelerate move into the next stage. Highly recommended!

Social Media Auto Publish is by far one of the best plugins for Wordpress. We - onlinecasinosportugal- generate a lot of content and this plugin allows us to manage social media in an automated way.

For social media postings, this is THE best Wordpress plugin. Hats off!
Sonia Bilton

“ The mostly social media plug-in has acceptable us to professionally create and submit social media posts for our online slots community and push information to our visitors in a much more user friendly way. It's allowed us to save time and cost. Would recommend it to any webmaster for sure!”
TRUE Communications

Auto Publishing to social media is a pain these days. SMAP makes it a lot easier. Excellent support, too!

Easy to Install and use. We recommend this plugin. 5 stars from us.

We recommend a lot of our readers to use the plugins from this site!

Installation and functionality and easy and convenient. User interface is logical and easy to use. 5 stars from us.

The plugin is easy and practical. Using it is a breaze.

The plugin is very easy and intuitive to work with. Fits our needs perfectly. We are pleased to recommend it.

This is one of the best Wordpress plugin our there, for social media this is easy to use. Thanks for this plugin

We have started to use XYZ script for our social media content and its very good and perfect for us, thanks so much

Very good and patient team !
Jon R

What a lifeline and enormous time saver this plugin is. Easy to integrate and setup it provides value day 1. We highly recommend using it to manage your publishing needs to social. Thanks!
Bruce Raynor

We’ve recently started using the XYZ script to manage our social media content and have been amazed by the amount of time it’s been saving us. Easy to integrate and setup, we’ve now deployed it across a number of our casino sites with great results. High recommended!

This script has made our day to day social media work a doddle saving us so much time when posting up and managing casino reviews. Great product!
Pokiesportal Team

This wonderful social media automation plugin is such a great time saver. I can spend more focus on other tasks because of it!
Suomi Team

This plugin is going to make my life so much easier, looking forward to the time it will save me :)

The XYZ Social Media plugin has made our lives much easier and enabled us to produce more content in less time published across Facebook and Twitter at the same time. We love it!

Social Media Auto Publish plugin covers all of the social media channels that we use. It’s easy to use and we really appreciate fast and efficient customer support that we’ve been receiving from XYZScripts. Much appreciated! - VS (
CasinoSlam Team

We have different languages and a lot of content, so being able to cut off all the work from the social media it's just fantastic.

Being able to manage your social media in such a easy way it's just one of the best things we found to improve our performance as a company and as a website.

We encourage everybody who uses social media in their sites to use XYZ Social Media Auto Publish.
Héctor it's a website that generates a lot of content, so being able to manage social media in a automated way, it's just perfect for us.

Social Media is not an important thing in our business but still needs to be done. So basically, thanks to XYZ we manage to keep the social media updated without taking much time.

Thanks to Social Media Auto Publish we start having free time! It's like hiring a social media employee but way cheaper!

We recommend using this plugin to everybody who is doing something in social media

We just want to thank XYZ Scripts for doing such a great job. We loved it since the first time we start using it.

We've been using this plugin since we discovered, and never went back. We highly recommend to use it.

Social Media Auto Publish is clearly one of the best plugins for Wordpress, not much time left for social media nowadays, so that plugin takes out all the time you use to spend in there.

This plugin is probably the best invention since the slice bread! It takes away so much workload that it's incredible.

The Social Media Auto Publish is a great script who help me everyday with when i working with my website. Thanks a lot XYZ team for this plugin.

The Social Media Auto Publish from XYZ Scripts is a state-of-art product when it comes to social media and I would really recommend people from all different sort of businesses to use this.

We wouldn't be able to work with so many social accounts if it weren't for the XYZ plug-in! Great for small/medium businesses. Recommend this to all who are starting out. Love it!
Technodrome Media

The XYZ plugin works perfectly for our social media needs with our new casinos site. We use it every day to publish and manage all things related to all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Social Media Auto Publish plugin for Wordpress is simply amazing! This plugin saves us both time and money and is making our work on a daily basis more efficient. This is a small but very powerful tool we couldn’t live without. It’s simply amazing and highly recommended!

This plugin has helped us to save many hours every week. With Social Media Auto publish we can instantly publish our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms.

XYZ Script is solving a problem that many of us webmasters have. By being able to automatically publish our post to desire social media platforms is working out just perfect.

The Social Media Auto publish is the number one plugin that we install after creating a new website. It improves our presence in Social Media and saves us a ton of time. srl P.IVA 01636640896

Bellissimo tools e servizio di assistenza eccellente
Eric Lam

Using Social Media Auto Publish got us up and running quicker than usual. We've seen quite some pinterest etc. feedback on a daily basis from reposting our content through this software. Definite recommendation!

The social media tool that XYZScripts offer is the best social automation plugin that we've come across. It allows us to schedule all our posts efficiently and ensure that we get the most bang for our buck. Best investment we've made all year!

XYZ Scripts have helped us move incredibly fast into the social media space and expedite our progress through social media posting. We can achieve the same level of posting at half of the cost and half the time. Awesome plugin, and would recommend it to anyone!

Social media is an integral part of our business and not only helps us drive more visitors to our website, but helps us retain those visitors too. Social Media Auto Publish plugin has allowed us to accelerate this and move our business into the next stage.

The social media auto plugin has been a huge blessing to our betting company. We used to manually produce posts and then submit manually through each of our social media profiles. We're now able to efficiently schedule our posts at the beginning of the week and then watch them fly out automatically. Awesome plugin guys, thanks!

The social media plugin has allowed us to efficiently create and submit social media posts for our online casino community and push information to our visitors in a much more user friendly way. It's allowed us to save time and cost. Would recommend it to any webmaster for sure!

This plugin has really helped us automate our social media posting and ensure that we are consistently active across all our social accounts, in turn helping us grow our social following. I'd recommend it to any business that is looking to save time and become a lot more efficient across their digital marketing activities.

The social media auto publish plugin has really allowed us to automate our social media activity so that we're able to spend our time more efficiently in an extremely competitive industry where timing matters. Extremely easy to use and cost effective. Thanks XYZScripts!
Al Young

With day to day management of my site so time consuming is has been great to find a tool such as XYZ Scripts than can help to speed up posting of the news content I'm posting. I would recommend it to my peers but I don't actually want them to know about it!

The Social Media Auto Publish from XYZ Scripts is among the very best in the market and really helps us simplify our work with social media accounts.

We were so happy to find XYZScripts plugin for our WordPress site. We are using the Social Auto Publish plugin every day when we are writing about new casino sites in the UK. The XYZScripts are making our work so much easier and it saves us hours of work every week. We couldn't be more satisfied of how smooth and easy it is. Thank you XYZScript team!

Social Media Auto Plugin saves me time and money when writing about new casinos being established in the UK market. It's an awesome little tool every content manager should buy to keep all social networks up to date with your posts. We highly recommended XYZScripts!
Casino Internet UK

Thank you for this wonderful plugin. It make our lives so much easier and saves us many hours each week. We have been using this plugin for more than a year now and only have good things to say about the Social Media Auto Publish from XYZScripts.

After trying several Wordpress plugins for automating publishing to Social Media platforms we are very happy with Social Media Auto Publish from XYZScripts. By far the plugin that saves us the most amount of time.

Social Media Auto Publish from XYZScripts is one of our favourite Wordpress plugins. It saves us a tremendous amount of time and it works very smooth. We at NätCasino can highly recommend this Wordpress plugin for any serious webmaster.

David Dawkins

The XYZ SMAP Wordpress plugin and the Advanced Autopublish Scheduler addon are perfect tools to re-publish your website posts, they are well worth the investment, which was very reasonable!
KJ Burk

This WP Plugin works exactly as described and was quite easy to setup by following the detailed instructions. Support was quick to reply when I had a question. THANKS!
Thomas Brown, Editor, The Nextsensing Project

My greatest thanks to XYZScripts and the entire tech team for making my plugin work perfectly with Facebook. I had 146 older posts published onto FB (with the original pub dates with customization) in less than half and hour yesterday. I could not be more pleased with the plugin and the special customization that XYZ did. Bravo! But more than that, thank you.

Social Media Auto Publish is really save your time and money. Among many similar products it is easy in usage and work as a clock. You could be calm and sure the work will be done properly and in time without your control.
James Webb

To anyone thinking of purchasing a product from this company. Apart from the fact that they make great software, you will find that they are very responsive and helpful. The Wodpress plugin Social Media Auto Publish - Premium works brilliantly stright out of the box. But I needed to tweek a few things with the plugin to make it work for the layout of my website. The developers went the extra mile to accomodate me and nothing was to much trouble. The support I have received has been the best I have ever experianced and I cant speak highly enough of this company. A real asset to the Wordpress community.

Social Media Auto Publish might not be the only plugin in it's field but i can assure you that after many plugins that i have tried that it's one of the few best that actually does what it says

Thank you xyzscripts for such a wonderful plugin.

Thank you xyzscripts for a wonderful plugin to manage our social media accounts easily.
Svenska Casino

To be honest we have been looking for a Wordpress plugin like this for a long time and finally found it. Thank you so much to the guys behind the Social Media Auto Publish for creating this awesome plugin. At Svenska Casino we are now able to do our job much faster give our followers up-to-date information, thanks!

Everything works just as expected. After using this product for a couple of months we wouldn't survive without it, help to increase your productivity.

Great product and very helpful support. The premium version of the product helped to save several hours of manual work every week.
Carl S

We have tried several social media sharing plugins in the past for our internet casino business ( but nothing as powerful and easy to use as Social Media Auto Publish from XYZScripts! This little brilliant plugin have already saved us a ton of time and effort and will do so for a long time to come. Well done and thank you so much!
ron parks

Being a novice, I ran into some difficulty in setting up part of plugin. The support was excellent from XYZ in helping to get my posts automatically on my Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. When I do a post it is automatically sent to my social media pages or I can schedule and control when I want them to appear or be published. I also can add hash tags. It allows me more time to focus on my content writing. Plugin works smoothly and well integrated into WordPress. So would give it the highest rating and praise for the XYZSript support services. I am now looking at some of their other plugins. Thank you XYZ Ron Parks MD at

Great Product, Outstanding Support - EVERYTHING WORKS!
Jay Clapper

Jubin Kurian, the support desk manager, was extremely helpful in setting up my account so that I didn't have to stress out over figuring out how to make my web site connect with Facebook. I went through two other companies whom were not helpful at all before I found Thanks again, Jubin
Andreas Lorentsen

I just want to give credit to XYZScripts/Renaisoft for the Social media auto publishing plugin. I had a really hard time trying to find a solution that actually worked, and this plugin takes care of EVERYTHING regarding sharing to Facebook etc., in a straightforward way. Easy to configure, easy to use, and lastly: it does excatly what it´s supposed to, and you have full control over the publishing via the Wordpress configuration and your own app(s). Kudos, 5/5. Andreas, The Music Production Blog

Awesome product! We use it ourselves and couldn't be happier with it functions and the support we receive.
Francis Norman

I have been using XYZ SMAP premium since the beginning of the year, it has really helped automate the publishing process for getting my articles out onto multiple platforms simultaneously. Its a great product with brilliant, responsive and helpful support.
Michael Gold, Editor

EXCELLENT turnaround on activation bugfix and the customizable pass through of content to the social media site is flawless. Image selection is the biggest problem with other plugins. You provide a way to force the image you want. Another advantage is your ability to selectively update social media sites when applying an update to a previously published post. BRAVO
Alessandro Marotta

Great product! keep up the good work!
Bruno Cozzi

I wanted to streamline my social media management so that I could post to my website and have the same posts go to my social media. I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I came across Social Media Auto Publish by XYZScripts. I have to say it was one of the most cost effective and productive plugins I’ve come across for WordPress. Not only do they have a great product but the support was amazing. The support team stayed on the case until I was completely satisfied. They made sure I was setup and running, within a day I had auto published 10 substantial blogs to my website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. I’m very pleased with the plug-in and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and efficient way to publish once and and automatically distribute to many social media outlets.
Patricia Bruce

I am not a technical person but I have managed to create my own little wordpress blog where I am learning to post a bit about my various hobbies including putting together scrapbook pages. One of the things I wanted to do is post these pages to Google+ and Facebook but doing it manually was time consuming. I looked for solutions and tried a few but they were all a bit lacking until I tried the Social Media Auto Publish. It was easy to setup and easy to use, for me it's been the perfect solution and I use it with every new post. I am extremely happy with the plug-in. There's plenty of documentation that's easy to understand even for a non-techie like me :0)
احمد وتار

Actually i have searched for a long time for social media auto publish services and i failed to found what i need until i found xyzscripts and bought your great auto publish premium service , at this time i felt that found all what i need because it helped me a lot and specially on Google Plus , and to be honest i faced some problems while setting the plugin up but your great support team helped me alot so i just want to say thank you so much.
PWRNetwork LLC

In gratitude I bow to Mr. Robin Paulose and Mr. Jubin Kurian for all their fantastic support! I made a simple error in setting up our google+ settings. I entered a profile ID in the page ID field. (Now I know google+ has two kinds of id's!) From start to finish, excellent, timely support! Thank you once again for going above and beyond the call of duty!