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Tumblr Auto Publish Features





Google Plus


Publish text message to Tumblr

Attach link or image to Tumblr

Attach audio/video to Tumblr

Publish to Facebook with image

Attach post/Share link to Facebook

Publish to specific pages/groups/events on Facebook

Publish to Twitter with image

Publish to LinkedIn with image

Publish to LinkedIn profile and company pages

Publish to Google plus pages or profile

Attach post/Share link to Google Plus

Publish to Pinterest boards

Publish to multiple Tumblr accounts

Separate message format for each account from same social network

Separate filter settings for each account from same social network

Supports post title, description, excerpt, permalink, blog title and user nicename

Hash Tags support

Publish images along with post content

Option to specify preference from featured image, post content, post meta and open graph tags

Filter posts based on categories

Enable or disable publishing of wordpress pages

Filtering based on custom post types

Instantaneous publishing

Publish based on a configurable time interval

View auto publish history/logs

Republish failed tasks from auto publish history/logs

User friendly, easy to use interface

Easy user guides

One minute install

Runs on YOUR web server

Lifetime license

No monthly fees


ONE YEAR FREE Updates and Support