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XYZ Classifieds Comparison

Feature Group Feature Free Standard Ultimate


Unlimited user accounts
Restrict contact information access to paid members
Post an item without register
Multiple paid membership plans


Unlimited items
Premium listing options
Home page listing options
Create image gallery for an item
Ajax upload of images
Display based on publish/update time
Image zoom option
Google Map of location
Youtube Video of the item
Option to save favourite items

Custom fields

Unlimited custom fields
Control custom field display order
Custom field groups
Control custom field display order
Supports textfield, numeric field, textarea, dropdown, checkbox and datepicker
Supports custom subfields for dropdown field
Supports filtering based on custom fields


Unlimited number of categories
Unlimited levels of categories
Icon image for top level categories

Paid and Premium listings

Enable free only, paid only , free and paid mode for listings
Set max number of free listings per user in free + paid listing mode
Highlighted premium listing configurations
Make multiple premium listing plans with discount options
Home page listing configurations
Category specific pay per post configuration for free users

Free and Paid Memberships

Configurable paid memberships
Configure paid membership plans
Enable guest user accounts
Category specific privileges for free members

Geographic locations

Multiple country support
Add, edit, delete regions and cities
Auto-detect visitor location
City name based sub domains

Site content/Theme options

Configure meta data, terms page, about page from admin panel
Configure engine name from admin panel
Configure email settings, format settings from admin panel
Social media sharing options
Mobile friendly responsive design

Spam control

Recaptcha settings
SMTP mailing options


Life time license
One year free updates and support
No "Powered By" links
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