XYZ Classifieds

What is XYZ Classifieds ?

XYZ Classifieds is a feature rich, simple yet robust PHP + MySQL based classifieds script with all inbuilt options you need to start your own classifieds site like,, or

It is a complete turnkey solution and you can get your own classifieds website running in a few minutes.

Why XYZ Classifieds ?

Find below some of the major highlights of the XYZ Classifieds script.

Unlimited Categories

XYZ Classifieds lets you create any number of categories and sub-categories. If you want to create a generic classifieds site or one for a specific niche, XYZ Classifieds meets your purpose.

Unlimited Items

Create any number of classified listings under each category. Items may be posted as free listings or as paid listings.

Configurable Custom Fields

XYZ Classifieds provides options to create and configure multiple custom fields for each category in order to collect detailed listing specifications

Configurable Custom Field Groups

Create multiple groups for grouping custom fields under different categories. Groups can be created specific to a category or for grouping uncategorized custom fields.

Flexible Premium Listing Plans

Premium listing options in XYZ Classifieds can be setup in a few clicks. The system lets you define basic premium listing rates as well as discount plans for large purchases. Separate premium listing rates can be configured for different categories if required.

Home Page Listing Options

Your revenue from website can be increased by enabling paid home page listing options for your users. Your users would pay you to list their items in home page of your site.

Paid membership Plans

XYZ Classifieds lets you monetise further from your site by allowing paid memberships. With paid membership, you can restrict posting in certain categories and viewing contact information of items to paid members alone.

Guest users

Guest users if enabled are treated like free members. Guest users will be able to post listings and view contact information if the corresponding permissions are enabled for free members.

Category specific privileges

Membership privileges for posting items and viewing contacts can be configured at category level. For free memberships, pay per listing can also be enabled at category level.

Customizable Geographic Data

XYZ Classifieds lets you create, edit and delete regions and cities within a country as required.

Multi-country Support

XYZ Classifieds lets you run a classifieds site targeted to multiple countries of your choice. The software comes preloaded with city information of all countries.

Spam Control

Everyone hates spam, so does XYZ Classifieds. Recaptcha verification service and SMTP mailing has been integrated with the script and can be enabled as required.

Xyz Classifieds Themes

Improve the aesthetic appeal of your xyz classifieds with modern responsive themes.

XYZ Classifieds Requirements

Operating System :

Linux or Windows

Web Server :

Apache or IIS

Scripting Language :

PHP (5.x or higher versions)

Database :

MySQL (5.x or higher versions)

Others :

To send mails from PHP, the mail() function must be enabled.

To automate certain tasks, you need access to Cron (Linux) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows).

To support subdomain urls based on city, wildcard dns support is required.

Ioncube loader has to be enabled by your hosting company to install this product.

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