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XYZ Email Marketing Manager Comparison

Feature Group Feature Standard Ultimate

Email Addresses

Unlimited email addresses
Option to search email addresses
Extract email addresses from any unformatted text
Import email addresses from MySql database
Import email addresses from CSV or other text based files
Backup email addresses by exporting as CSV file
Bulk insertion, deletion and unsubscription of emails
Multiple email list mappings
Option to import & export custom fields along with email

Email lists & subscription

Multiple email lists
Subscription code (HTML)
Automatic subscription code (PHP, ASP, JSP, PERL)
Configure redirection after email subscription
Configure redirection after email confirmation
Subscription to single / multiple list
Custom fields in HTML subscription form
Configurable display order for custom fields in HTML subscription form

Custom fields

Multiple custom fields
Text & Dropdown custom fields
Date, Textarea, Numeric, Radio button & Checkbox custom fields

General settings

Configure timezone by specifying GMT offset
Default editor setting

Email sending configurations

Configure hourly limits
Auto responders on subscription and unsubscription
Sending using PHP mail() & SMTP
Sending using Amazon SES
Configure Return-path settings

Bounce mail detection

Bounce mail detection settings
Automatic/manual bounce detection
Manage bounced emails

Email Campaigns

Unlimited email campaigns
Campaigns with follow up mail
Create campaigns using predefined templates
Create HTML or plain text messages
Create multipart messages
Save campaigns as draft
Personalize your message using multiple custom fields
Upload unlimited attachments
Option to embed images
Add unsubscription link in mail
Add email edit link in mail
Add email confirmation link in mail
Add web preview link in mail
Fetch content from third party urls
Filter to send based on custom field value
Preview campaign by test mail
Selective execution of campaigns
Pause/resume active campaigns
Email firing batch size for each campaign
Efficient email sending engine which prevents duplicate emails

Campaign triggers

Campaign trigger based on specific date and time
Campaign trigger based on user subscription
Campaign trigger based on subscribers' date custom field
Stop campaign firing based on end date
Auto restart options for campaigns

Campaign statistics

Detailed statistics of email campaigns
URL click tracking details
Email sent and opened counts
Details of subscribers to whom emails were sent and opened

Anti-spam compliance

Email confirmation option for subscribers
One click unsubscribe link for subscribers

Installation & Support

Free Installation
Privilege customer support


Life time license
One year free updates and support
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