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XYZ Email Marketing Manager Testimonials

   Email marketing has become an inevitable channel for advertising and promoting your business online. You can no longer ignore communication with your clients over the web, no matter, to which domain your business belongs. XYZ Email Marketing Manager is a comprehensive, all-in-one email marketing and newsletter software which allows you to manage communication with your clients in a simple and efficient manner. - XYZScripts Team
Md Maruful Hoque

Hi, I am Md Maruful Hoque. Many days i search ads network script from online. At last i fin xyz script. but my amount was very little for this i contact xyz scripts. They helps me many and more for purchase their script. after purchase i face technical problem because i have no enough web developer knowledge but xyz scripts help me excellently. many time i face problem buy they support me more and more within a short time. Not only their support is excellent but also their script is all in all to me. I am now happy for purchase their script. I never forget their helpful attitude. I recommended if some one want to buy any ad network script, then can buy their script without any tension. Thank you xyzscripts.

I highly recommend scripts and plugins from XYZscripts, it's a great thing if you run your site on Wordpress.

The social media plugin from XYZ Scripts is the best we've seen in the market, hence our choice of using it day to day. It's a tool that is integral to the day to day running of our company since we're so heavily reliant on social media. We would highly recommend it to any website owner!
Nitesh Chand

Great script. I've barely changed anything in the script and already generating income using it. Very easy to use. Support is very helpful, they usually respond within 24hrs. Would totally recommend this script.

Very useful script with lots of features. Thank you XYZScripts.

a good product and a good quality of service a great email support thank you
David Watson

We use 'XYZ Email Manager' version 1.0.1 on almost a daily basis for managing our member bulletins and promotional emails. While is not bullet proof, it is about 80% along the way to being great. Missing are the opening, tracking, and convert to PDF functions associated with other programmes and the ability easily to duplicate campaigns or purge/stop an existing queue on existing campaigns or to have a public library/archive of past promotions sent out. The FCK editor is not particularly good or accurate from our point of view, and a lot of fiddle time is spent getting formatting correct. The current version does not support UDF-16 which is MS's only option for CSV files, and can lead to problems with address imports for non-Roman languages. That being said, XYZ Email Manager is still an amazingly powerful script that lets you control, securely, your own mailings and campaigns. It eliminates paying someone for every email campaign you develop and deliver. The support team is responsive (they did a free install on our servers involving modification of their code) and know their 'stuff'. The work around's are manageable and the results (delivered professional newsletters and mail promotions) are reliable. We have found a very small rejection rate (<1%) from servers, so the programme is sending 100% compliant mail. The double opt-in script works well. Do the sums, this programme will pay for itself. 8/10 stars for us. Industry Travel Asia