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Contact Form Manager Comparison

Feature Group Feature Free Premium

Form Elements

Text field, Email field, Textarea
Text field with custom regex pattern based validation
Rich Textarea Field
Checkbox, Radiobutton, Dropdown List (with Multi-select option)
Flexible multi-line display mode for Checkbox
Flexible multi-line display mode for Radio button
JQuery date picker
Option to specify date range for date picker
Date picker with option to pick month,day,year separately
Captcha (Recaptcha and Image Verification)
Mathematical expression captcha
File Uploader
Option to upload multiple files in file upload element
Hidden Field (Supports IP, Browser, OS, Country, URL, UserId, Username, Email)
Numeric Field
Configurable placeholder text for all elements
Configurable validation messages from admin panel
Option to define javascript callback for click, keyup, keydown, blur, mouseover, mouseout, mouseup, mousedown events on form elements

Form Content

Full control on contact form content
Visual HTML editor for beautiful contact forms
Tiny MCE filters to prevent auto removal of <p> and <br> tags
Style class integration option with contact form elements
Option to add * (star symbol) for mandatory contact form fields
Auto-save contact form elements on creation
Multi language support for contact form messages
Multiple Contact Forms
Configure Error, Success messages from admin panel
Duplicate a form
Support for shortcodes

Form Display

Shortcodes for displaying contact forms
Modify contact form element options without replacing shortcode

Form Layout And Themes

Single column and two column layout
Contact form themes
Themes with background image
Advanced Themes

Form Submission

Capture contact to XYZ Newsletter
User input based newsletter subscription
Autoreply on contact form submission
Redirection after contact form submission
Option to redisplay empty form
Option to display submitted data
Attach files with autoreply
Store form submission requests
Option to track IP-Address and Geographical location (country)
Option to track Browser and Operating-System of visitor
Option to track URI from where contact was requested
View recorded contact requests
Export recorded contact requests

Email Configuration

SMTP Mailing settings
Support for user submitted data in email fields
Multiple to-email support
Multiple cc,bcc email support
Enable / Disable auto reply
Configurable reply-to email and reply-to name in mail to site admin
Configurable reply-to email and reply-to name in auto reply
Option to add attachments to auto reply

Spam Control

Simple image verification
Recaptcha support
Mathematic expression based verification

Installation & Support

Free Installation
Privilege customer support


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