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Quick Box Popup Features

Popup Content

Configurable quick box title

Configure content in Wordpress content editor

Supports shortcodes in content


Ready to use predefined positions

Configurable dimensions in px or percentage

Display Logic

Display popup onclick

Display contents using iframe

Style Settings

Color settings

Border settings

Z index setting

Placement Mechanism

Display in all pages

Display specifically in pages/posts/home page

Display using shortcode

Premium version features

More predefined display layouts

Create multiple popups with custom contents

Multiple auto rotating content in same popup

Supports dynamic contents based on referrer URL

Draggable effects for specific layouts

Sliding effects for specific layouts

Onclick trigger options

Onexit trigger options

Display based on user specified cookie

Popup display limit (number of times)

Target specifically on mobile or desktops

Configurable close button settings

Close by clicking on element within popup

Auto close based on timeout

Javascript callback on popup display

Javascript callback on popup hide

Professional support from our team

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Product price     :     Freeware