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XYZ WP Popup Features

As lightbox

As full screen popup

As popup dialog box

As quick box popup

As quick bar

Popup for Mobile and Desktop Devices

Responsive Popups

Configure content in Wordpress content editor

Referrer URL based messages

Multiple popups with different content

Multiple (auto rotating) content in same popup

Responsive popup display

Nine predefined positions

Manual position settings

Absolute positioning for dialog box

Option to position dialog box relative to another element in page

Display in all pages

Display specifically in pages / posts / home page

Display using shortcode

Option to exclude popup for logged in users

Display based on number of pages browsed

Display based on delay

Display based on presence of specific cookies

Repeat interval for popup display

Popup display limit (number of times)

Expiry date for popup display

Onload & Onexit display triggers

Onclick display trigger

Onmouseover & Onmouseout display triggers

Display contents using iframe

Enable scrollbar for larger contents

Target display on mobile devices only

Target display on desktop devices only

Close when clicked on overlay

Close when clicked on close button

Close when clicked on an element in the content

Custom close button image

Close button appearance delay and positioning configurations

Auto close based on timeout

Hide popup with "don't show again" option

Callback on popup display

Callback on popup hide

Overlay color and opacity settings

Content area background and opacity settings

Content area color and border settings

CSS box shadow settings

Popup sliding

Popup dragging

Popup fade-in and fade-out

User friendly, easy to use interface

Lifetime license

No "powered by" links

One minute install

Easy user guides

1 YEAR FREE Updates and Support

Automatic update of plugin from admin area