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XYZ WP Popup Testimonials

   XYZ WP Popup is a handy Wordpress plugin which allows you to create attractive, non-annoying popups to display promotions, notices, subscription forms, social media links and much more thereby making your site more interactive. - XYZScripts Team

XYZ Popup was crucial in helping us generate more leads from casino guide. We saw a fantastic result just from one feature, amazing work!
Dave Catlin

I am not a web developer. Yet I have to look after a complex site. The support here as always been excellent and product works a treat.

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT! At first I didn't think the XYZ WP Popup was going to work for me, or at least I thought I wouldn't receive the support I needed to see my project through to completion. Boy was I wrong - XYZScripts support delivered ongoing help until I was happy and my page worked great. Thank you once again!
Brigitte Kobi

I used the free version of this plugin for about 6 months. Since I am about to grow my blog by the name of Leadership & Lipstick I needed different Popup windows some on load and others on click. I also implemented different windows for mobile devices and for desktops. I really recommend XYZ WP Popup premium. - You can create various windows that fit the style of your blog - The plugin is very reliable - Easy to configure And the most convincing aspect is the great support XYZScripts provides. Sometimes it only takes minutes to receive an answer but I never waited for more than a few short hours. The answers were always accurate and useful. Really, you get value for money. If you don't believe go to, open any of the posts and wait for 90 seconds. Or click on the images in the sidebar and find out which one opens a popup window on click. :-)

Plugin was easy to install and configure. Ran into an issue and received timely and good quality support and had a solution in good time for what was an urgent job., thanks guys.

I highly recommend XYZ Scripts. The product is great and, even more important, the support is absolutely first rate. I am not a coder and have very limited knowledge of PHP. XYZScripts support team worked with me to customize XYZ Pop-Up so that it would work exactly as I needed. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Larga Disso

Very Good Plugin. I loved it.
David Polcino

There's some tricky problem on my server, it just does not like pop-up plugins! I went through a bunch and had all their tech people working on it with no luck. When I tried XYZ Popup, I encountered the same issue... but they fixed it the same day! Top Class Support! Highly recommended. David Polcino Noise and Vision Film Production
Scott Barbour

Love this premium plugin. Very easy to configure and customize just about every aspect of the popup, great functionality, multiple pop ups, timed open and closing of the popups, love it all. I have two popups running now at and I am sure I will add a few as my site matures and now have to concern about having the right functionality and features available to me. I have used many different popup tools prior to this (free and not free), and must say, this is the best so far. Absolutely love it. The Auctioneer
Dan Voyer

Great Plugin. Allmost a full control over every popup. Nice work

After downloading the Free version of the Lightbox plugin from XYZScripts, I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up. I originally set it up on a test domain to make sure it was what we wanted and as soon as the the first box appeared on the screen I knew it was. I moved it across to the main domain, of which once I tweeked it it now runs perfectly on my website. I have already seen an increase in the number of people requesting free trial cards in the UK - which is fantastic. We don't use a lot of plugins due to problems with the coding etc, but I'm so happy that the Lightbox plugin from XYZScripts doesn't effect the core-code of the my site in any way.. It's a fantastic plugin to have and you download it and use it!!
Bob Hoyng

When starting out with Wordpress the number of available plugin options can be overwhelming. XYZScripts sets itself apart from the rest of those plugins though. Their top-notch support takes this beyond a simple plugin - there's actually a company standing behind the product. With the other plugins I tried I felt like I was working to make the plugin work. The support representative at XYZScripts made me feel like he was trying to make the plugin work for me.