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What is XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet ?

XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet is a simple Wordpress plugin which allows you to create shortcodes corresponding to PHP and HTML snippets. You can create shortcodes corresponding to any random PHP/HTML code such as ad codes, javascript, video embedding, etc. and use the same in your posts, pages or widgets. Find below some of the major highlights of the XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet Wordpress plugin.

PHP, HTML, Javascript snippets :

Convert any random PHP, HTML or Javascript code such as adsense or any adcode, video embed etc. to a wordpress shortcode which can be used in your posts, pages or widgets

Advanced management options :

With advanced management options, you get syntax highlighted snippet editor, ability to duplicate snippets and ability to transfer snippets across wordpress installations using export and import configurations.

Privilege management options :

With the advanced privilege controls, you can control the users or roles who can create, manage and use the snippets.