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XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet Features

XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet is a simple Wordpress plugin to create shortcodes corresponding to PHP, HTML or Javascript code snippets and use the same in your posts, pages or widgets. The complete feature list of the plugin is given below :

Unlimited code snippets

Convert any PHP code snippets to shortcodes

Convert any HTML, Javascript code such as adcodes, analytics etc to shortcodes

Advanced options

Pass custom dynamic variables to snippets

Syntax highlighted snippet editor

Option to duplicate snippets

Option to export/import snippets

Privilege Management

Role/User based Snippet Management Privilege

Role/User based Snippet Usage Privilege

Master Password for super admin

More Features

User friendly, easy to use interface

Lifetime license

No "powered by" links

One click install

Easy user guides

1 YEAR FREE Updates and Support

Automatic update of plugin from admin area